It's been a long time coming but the day has finally arrived. This afternoon at 4:37 PM, we welcomed our new 14 pound 6 ounce air fryer off the UPS truck.

If you've been listening to us on the Moose Morning Show, you know I ordered this bad boy about a week ago and golly was I surprised when it arrived today 3 days ahead of schedule. I thank the air fryer god for that.

Long story short, if you're even still reading about a friggin' counter-top appliance at my house, this thing is huge. I'm not sure how big I expected it to be but evidently a 7.5 quart air fryer is massive. And to think the only reason I ordered this one is because they (Home Depot) were out of stock on the 10 quart units.

We haven't really used it for anything yet, though we did heat up some of last night's pulled chicken in it, so I'm excited to see what some of your favorite things to make in yours are.

Obviously, in this house, one of the first things we will do with it will be tendies and fries- so I'll let you know how that goes ASAP. Oh- and Renee and I are going to heat up some of those pretzel Pop Tarts in it some time soon, too!

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