If you've ever spent more than 5 minutes on social media, then I bet you're pretty familiar with the name Michael Beaupre. Michael, a Central Maine resident, has been a long-time fan of 92 Moose and loves to interact with us on our social media. He also operates his own DJ service called Good Time Party Tunes.

Not only is Michael a super-fan of 92 Moose but he's also a staunch supporter of our reuest-a-thon for Special Olympics Maine and our annual Camp Out Hunger food drive. Michael has spent years listening to the Moose Morning Show and today finally got the chance to join us (me) in studio!

Not only was it an awesome experience for Mike, it was also equally exciting for me. Being able to help someone realize a dream they've had for a long time makes me so incredibly happy. And I even had someone to laugh at my lame Tweet jokes this morning, so that was an added perk, too! Now the real question is who drinks more Dunkin' coffee...me or Michael? The world may never know!

Have a listen below to a segment Michael joined me on today during the Moose Morning Show!

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