Prepare yourselves for a spine-tingling tale of the monster that lies just beneath the surface at Maine's largest lake. Halloween is right around the corner and I think it's a good idea to visit Maine's monsters.

This hair-raising creature has been awakened to us by real-life reports and sightings. Brave souls have come forward claiming to have seen a monster known as "Wendigo" lurking in the waters of Moosehead Lake.

There have been reports of this monster that a book was created called, "Monster of Moosehead Lake." The story is all about the creature known as the Wendigo. This monster is rumored to haunt the waters of Moosehead Lake. The story is fiction but the information collected to craft the story is all reported from onlookers.

A wendigo is described as a terrifying and malevolent entity possessing a thirst for human flesh, according to Wikipedia. Wow.

This type of creature plays a role in one of Stephen King's books, Pet Cemetery. And if Stephen King who is from Maine is highlighting this, you know it's legit.

Unfortunately I can't find too much info on this elusive creature but the reports exist. Do you know about this underwater creature? Better yet, have you seen it yourself?

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Moosehead Lake reigns supreme as Maine's largest and deepest lake, and where do creatures or water monsters find their sanctuary? Deep within the waters! Given its  shadowy depths, it's no surprise that Moosehead Lake could be the host to sightings of the creature.

Consider the world's most renowned water creature: the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. Legend has it that this creature lives in the depths of the Loch.

While these monsters may be the stuff of folklore, every legend has its roots in reality, doesn't it?

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