Mr. Drew & His Animals Too is a local treasure that must be protected at all costs.

And now, Mr. Drew has lost a very sentimental treasure of his own and needs our help getting it back.

According to a post on his Facebook Page, Mr. Drew wrote yesterday that he his missing an item that he has had in his possession for over 30 years.

Fortunately, it's not a live animal that has gone missing, though that doesn't mean that this item isn't equally as important to him.

Mr. Drew went on to explain that it appears as though someone stole a literal meteorite from his Lewiston education center. He says that the meteorite is an octahedrite or 'iron meteorite' that fell from the sky decades ago before landing on the ground in the city of Odessa, Texas.

Mr. Drew, Facebook
Mr. Drew, Facebook

Over the years, thousands of curious children have had the opportunity to hold the space rock in their hands as they learn about what causes meteorites to enter the Earth's atmosphere.

Mr. Drew says that he has always been proud of the fact that he has a "hands-on" learning center, however, given the apparent recent theft, he says it may be time to start putting some of his most treasured items in cases to be viewed only and not touched.

Mr. Drew has asked that if anyone has, or knows who has the item, to please return it to his center so that children (and adults) can continue to experience how cool of an item this really is.

If the party who has the rock doesn't want to be identified, it can be sent back to the center anonymously. Mr. Drew said in part on his Facebook post;

I have prided myself on the fact we are a hands on Education Center but now I feel that I will have to put things behind glass where things can be seen but not touched, losing a big part of the educational component for many people ….tactile.

If you know who may have it, just return it so other generations can have the experience or if is too embarrassing you can mail it back to :
20 East Ave unit 14 Lewiston, Maine 04240.
I will put my faith in the goodness of humanity.
Peace and Love in these wild times.

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