According to the Kennebec Journal, Lisa Carbonneau of Jay went to the Maine Children's Home in Waterville looking for gifts for her four children. Seems her husband had passed and their house was lost in a fire. Wow. Sure they'd help. And were prepared to...until an employee looked up Lisa on Facebook, where her story was a tad different. This story put my poetic wheels in motion and I wrote this Seuss-iss piece to tell the story....

The Grinch was a woman, a woman from Jay,
she came to the Maine Children's Home one cold day...

"My house it has burned and my husband is dead,
I need toys for four children," is all that she said.

Well, the Maine Children's Home, they were moved by the tale,
and they gathered up toys on a pretty large scale.

Then, by chance, someone thought "Maybe I should just look....
maybe I should connect with this gal on Facebook."

And, lo and behold, she was not who she said,
she didn't have children, her spouse was not dead,
and if that weren't enough, she had lied once again,
she's had a house fire back in two-thousand-ten!

The cops were alerted, enough was enough,
this fraud would be hauled off to jail in hand cuffs.

With outstanding warrants and a criminal past,,
they booked her and charged her and got it done fast.

So this year as you celebrate on Christmas day,
Remember the Grinch who will be locked away.

Listen to the recitation on the Moose Morning Show