Last year when deciding what I needed to bring to college, I spent at least two full days scouringthe Internet looking for what I thought was the perfect “must-havedormroom” list. However, when I was reading these lists,I was amazed to find not only the amount of detail they went in tobut also how many things they neglected to mention. I knew I had to bring socks and bedding and all the other simple items used in life, but it was those same items they left out. So, I have taken it upon myself to create a (brief) list of the actual things you will need to survive your first dorm room experience. This list is not to remind you to pack your underwear or bring a towel. This list is one of simplicity, as it is these simple items we most forget.

  1. Power Strip
  2. Heater/Fan Combo
  3. Shower Caddy
  4. Collapsible Hamper
  5. Stapler
  6. Three Prong Power Adapters
  7. Mini Vacuum
  8. Mattress Topper
  9. Mittens or Gloves
  10. Calculator

I know this list does not contain the most exciting items to pack when it comes to college, but they are some I’d wished I’d hadthe most. So, along with all the fun things you pack and among the abundance of bins filling your mom’s car, just remember to throw these items in before you leave. You won’t know how much you need them until you realize you forgot to pack them. And if it makes you feel any better,I forgot to packa toothbrush. It really can’t get any worse than that.

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