Look, if you want to donate $20 to hear Ariana Grande, we'll gladly accept it. We'll play "7 Rings" twice an hour if you pay us enough, but let's think outside of the box.

Hi, Brittany here. I've been a part of the 92 Moose Requestathon for a few years now. It's my favorite event we do. Heck, I used a vacation day from my old job last year just to be present for this thing. IT'S THAT AWESOME.

I love music. Give me all the genres. I like them all and I adore exposing people to music that I love and I gotta tell ya, 92 Moose is a helluva platform to do just that!

Personally when it comes to the Requestathon I make it a point to request songs that aren't singles, arent by well known artists, or songs that dont fall under the Top 40 umbrella that 92 Moose serves, and I hope you do the same!

Want to play Metallica during the Moose Morning Show? YOU CAN!

Metallica Through the Never
Getty Images

Want to play "Earl" from The Dixie Chicks during your drive home? YOU CAN!

Want to play "Baby Shark" to impress your toddler and/or annoy your co-workers? YOU CAN!

Baby Shark

Fan of trap music? We'll play your favorite!

Like some random band from Germany? Hey, as long as we can find the song, we'll rock it!

How about "How Far Will I Go?" from Moana? YAAS!

Disney / People
Disney / People

Deep cut from Stone Temple Pilots? LET'S DO IT.

No matter what your jam is, we want to hear it! The $20 you donate for the song will go to benefit Special Olympics Maine. You can introduce your favorite band to all of Central Maine and do some good at the same time.

Now that's MY jam!

So this is your two-week notice, the big day is Thursday, June 6th and we're going from 6 am to 6 pm. Start thinking about what song you want to share. I already have mine lined up! If you want to make sure you get a primetime spot or a time when you will be listening it's best to get your request in early, and you can do that here.

Be sure to tune in and join the fun! I'll be out and about following the Maine Law Enforcement Torch Run that's going on that day as well! So join me in cheering them on as the torch heads to Orono for the weekend Special Olympic Games, join me in listening to the most unique playlist in Central Maine, join me for a great cause supporting these athletes!

Big thanks to Graham Behavioral Services for powering this awesome event for us! Call them for mental health and developmental services in Augusta and Portland or visit them online!


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