JoAnne Fisk has been officially sworn in as Biddeford's very first female police chief and its about damn time.

After 45 years as an officer JoAnne has achieved her life goal of becoming the city's chief. Chief Fisk told WGME that she is extremely passionate about ensuring the welfare and safety to all the people who live in her town.

She served the city of Biddeford for 25 years.

She makes an extremely important point saying,

"There should come a time where nobody should have to ask me if I'm happy that I'm a female in a male-dominated role. It should be the standard and not the exception," 

Chief Fisk has strong and deep ties to the community and she believes that gender should not be an issue in law enforcement roles.

Jim Bennett, City Manager told WGME that he sees her as a perfect fit and that being a female is just a perk.

As the article states, Jim nominated Chief Fisk and according to Biddeford Police Facebook Page it was unanimously agreed upon that she would fit perfectly. She has so much respect from fellow officers and she commands respect everywhere she goes.

In my opinion, by removing gender-based distinctions, we can create a more inclusive and diverse society where people are judged solely on their abilities.

Highlighting someone's gender as "the first female" in a role should no longer be necessary. Gender should not define a person's abilities or qualifications for any job, including law enforcement roles. It's essential to recognize that competence, skills, and dedication are what truly matter in any profession, not one's gender.

Law enforcement, like any other field, should be based on merit and performance rather than gender.

It is said that Maine police departments are striving to hire more female officers.

Chief Fisk knows the department so well and is seemingly very excited to dig in and get started. I don't know about you, but her experience and remarks on the love for her community is why I know she is going to serve the city of Biddeford perfectly!

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