One of our favorite things to do together, aside from homework- just kidding, he doesn't much enjoy homework, but he does love reading! Anyway- we LOVE playing games together.

Sometimes we play games outside, sometimes we play 2-player on the Xbox, and sometimes we bust out the ol' board games. I take pride in typically being able to school my soon-to-be 8 year old in the games that we play. Until recently. Last night we took out our Connect Four game, a family favorite, and sat down to play.

To figure out who was going to take the first slot we play rock-paper-scissors. He beat me at that.. A little shocked, but okay. After that whooping, Evan began beating me in several consecutive games of Connect Four. After each game we would again rock-paper-scissors to see who would go first again... and almost each time it was Evan.

Maybe I was just a little tired and not on my A-game. Maybe my mind was wondering and I was a little bit distracted.. Or, maybe it's just that my once innocent little bubble of a boy is growing up and slowly learning how to out-wit his old man. I mean, after-all, I started out-witting my old man by age 6.

I love you, Evan- but let me win once in a while!

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