As a parent, is there anything more special or gratifying than hearing how well your child is doing in school? As parents, Carrie, me and step-mom Keri have been blessed to watch Evan receive this awesome award not once, but 4 times!

Evan James with WES Principal Dr. Allen

We met with Evan's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Whittier, during last week's PTCs. That's when she shared the news that Evan had been selected for 3rd grade student of the month. How exciting. Mrs. Whittier went on to tell us that Evan is doing great things academically and is at or above where he needs to be across the board. Though it wasn't primarily his academics that got him chosen, it was his character. Described as one of the first to offer help, Evan has shown great willingness to go above and beyond and to assist his classmates in doing the same.

Dad kiss Evan cheek

We can't tell you this enough, Evan... We are so PROUD of you!

Evan + Dad

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