It was a pretty epic Independence weekend for us out on the lake! Friends, food, beer and boats for several days straight. What's not to love? I'll yell you what's not to love... losing your wallet in the freakin' water, that's what!

Monday night, after boating ALL day long, I pulled the boat out of the water at the Vassalboro landing. Mind you, it was pretty dark out (9:45pm) so I was using my phone as a flashlight to finish securing the boat to the trailer. Well, when I was attaching the last of the straps I had to set my wallet down because I had just grabbed it out of the boat. However, I forgot to pick it back up. And off into the night we drove.

The next day before heading to my sister's house in Madison is when I realized I had lost my wallet. I also knew exactly what I had done so there was only one place to go and look- the boat landing. On the way to Madison we stopped and looked everywhere for it, but with no luck. Fearing that it had gotten pulled down over the dam, I came to grips with the fact that I would probably never see it again. Oh well, Keri still had her wallet.. she my sugar mama!

Fast forward- We get home later that afternoon and lo and behold there is a note under the windshield wiper of one of our cars.. "If Matt James lives here, call Waren 44*-****". No way. Could it be? Did someone actually find my wallet, look at my address and drive to my house to find me? They sure did! But I wasn't home.. So I had to meet up with him the next day. Turns out, Warren and his wife were out fishing on the lake and came across my wallet FLOATING in the water. What a miracle. Not sure how I ended up being so lucky.

Thank you so much to Warren from Windsor for finding and returning my wallet back to me. You, sir, are a real American Hero!