For those of you that may not know, we are expecting a third addition to the family in just a couple of short weeks. I know, I can barely believe it either. Well, with a new son on the way, we obviously had to have our obligatory maternity shoot with Carolyn from Blais Photography.


A couple nights ago we all got gussied up and piled into the car to head to Viles Arboretum in Augusta for the photos. Though these pictures are really all about Keri, as they should be, the kids and I also had to pose for a few shots as well.

Maternity Shoot with Blais Photography

It was the perfect night for pictures. The temperature was perfect, the lighting was perfect and the subject (Keri) was perfect. We could not have asked for a better evening to do these pictures. Naturally as always, Carolyn knew exactly the shots she wanted and exactly where in the arboretum we needed to be for each shot.


As many of you know, pregnancy isn't always a Sunday drive. There are sharp pains, frequent trips to the bathroom and the loss of your lap. I mean seriously, Gavin can't even sit there anymore- it's all belly! Thanks, Dawson.. (That's new baby's name). But regardless of all the 'stuff' that comes with the territory, Carolyn was still able to capture these images the exact same way I see my wife every day. Confident, beautiful, fearless and free-spirited. Though my wife will tell you she doesn't look like this all the time, I would argue. This, to me, is how Keri looks every day.


And while I'm not much for photo shoots, I know how much my wife cherishes these special moments and will love to look at these for decades to come. And where this will be our last child (she disagrees), I want this experience to be the best one it can possibly be for her. So, even if we have to do a photo shoot every day until Dawson is here, I'd be okay with that if it made her happy.

Thank you again, Carolyn, your ability to capture these special moments and make us look so dang good is just uncanny. We love you!

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