NASCAR has worked on its May schedule and will be back on Sunday May 17th.

Sunday's race will be at Darlington in South Carolina according to  There is no qualifying or even practice! AND there are no fans in the stands. Everyone involved will be have to deal with physical distancing, protective equipment and be subject to heath screenings.

The governor of North Carolina, where many race teams are based, has NASCAR race teams are an 'essential business' so there was the first green flag.  Of course they need to keep on top of things in regard to 'health conditions', limit the number of race team members AND everything is subject to change. There are plans in place to address issues like someone testing positive and how deal with that. After all they want a yellow or red flag on racing.

As far as sports go, I think this should feel normalish...the cars make so much long they don't show the empty stands it will very close to an average race day event on TV.

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