Dating in 2023 sucks.

This is according to my single friends and to the Thriving Center of Psychology and they determined that a huge number of people are heading to online platforms in their quest for love.

Additionally, the U.S. Census data shows that over 127 million people over the age of 18 are currently single in America. Wow.

Gather around folks, and let me tell you about the sad state of dating in 2023. It's an absolute nightmare from what I gather!

Nowadays, everyone's gotta resort to swiping left and right on their screens, just to find a sliver of hope for true love.

Whatever happened to meeting someone in the produce section of Shop N' Save in Lewiston and having a "meet cute"? You know, where you accidentally bump into each other while reaching for the same apple, and the rest is history? But no, not anymore.

It now feels like everyone's holding out for the next best thing. Why settle for a "happily ever after" for at least 20 years, when you can keep scrolling and find someone even more perfect?

It's like a never-ending cycle of swiping and hoping, and it's seriously cramping our dating style dudes.

To shed light on the modern dating scene the Thriving Center of Psychology highlighted the cities with the highest number of eligible singles across the country and Boston Massechusettes was one of them!

Why Boston? Is it a lonely city? Why do you think Boston has a high number of singles?

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New England needs to up its game in the singles department because only one city made it to the most singles list. Do we have a secret arrangement to couple up or are we just not putting ourselves out there enough?

Come on, New England, let's spice things up and show the rest of the country what we're made of! Or we can just stay married. Up to you.

Thriving Center of Psychology conducted a survey of over 1,000 singles to find out what is acceptable these days, from researching your date beforehand to navigating the murky waters of online dating. I feel for you singles out there.

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