Not surprisingly, many people are anxious to usher 2020 out the door in hopes that 2021 will be better.  As a result, some people are proceeding to the Holidays even earlier than in years past.

A big part of this effort is decorating trees for Halloween!

According to WMTW, the trend that started with Halloween lovers is gaining ground with the rest of us.

People are taking those artificial trees out a few months early and decorating them with Halloween-themed ornaments, decorations, and Halloween lights.  Some people are even adding plastic jack-o-lanterns to their trees.

But, what do you on the top of a Halloween Tree?  A jack-o-lantern?  Jack Skellington?

While some of these Halloween Trees are kinda' creepy, many are more "festive".

What do you think?  Would you ever put up a Halloween Tree?

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