Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows that most bars and restaurants have their fair share of exceptional customers.  You know the type - they are always gracious about the service, tip well, and happily recommend the business to potential customers.

On the other hand, those in the business have all had their share of nightmare customers.  Rude people who are poor tippers.  In the worst cases, they leave without paying their tab.

Unfortunately for the staff at North Conway, New Hampshire's "The O Club", they got a visit from a pair like that on Saturday night.

According to a post on bar's Facebook page, the couple ordered drinks, an appetizer, and dinner.  After eating, and drinking, everything (they must be members of the "clean plate club"), they complained about the prices and the quality.  Then, they allegedly left without paying.  Now, the establishment's owners are looking for the public's help in locating the couple.

The Facebook post says:

"Does anyone know these 2 thieves? They ordered an appetizer, dinner, and drinks, and only after stuffing their faces like they hadn’t eaten in years, decided to cuss out the bar manager and walk out on the tab because the “food sucked and drinks were too expensive”- if the food sucked so bad, why are you both shoveling all your food down your throat without taking a breath?"

They are offering a $50 reward for information about couple's identity.  If the tip leads to prosecution, they'll give the person something even better.  As that part of New Hampshire caters to tourists, the people could be from nearly anywhere.  Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire.

Remember, they are considered innocent until proven guilty 

When I was a resident of that area, I spent a lot of time in that establishment (back when it was called The Club 550).  I worked there as a DJ and a bartender.  As a result, I know all-to-well what it is like to live and work in a tourist driven area.  Because of this, I would ask that anyone who plans a visit to one of our great New England tourist destinations this year, whether it's the coast of Maine or the mountains of New Hampshire, please be great guests.  Tip well, clean up after yourself, be respectful, and be kind.

And, next time you're in the Mount Washington Valley, stop into The O Club and have a drink.

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