I'm starting to keep track of this almost like we're doing with the Government shutdown. Of course, my keys being lost aren't preventing federal employees from being paid, but still, it's a big deal to me, okay? If you caught our live video yesterday, Brittany Rose and I went out to try and find my keys in my VW Jetta that I drive back and forth to work each day. No such luck. I still have the fob to the car, but I lost my big key ring with the keys to my truck, my wife's Jeep, my house, the station, my office door, well- you get it.

No idea when or where these puppies will show up but I certainly hope they do. I already looked into replacing the Jeep Limited key FOB and it turns out it's $14,633.00. If you or a friend know anything, there is an incredible reward for information that leads to the safe recovery of my friggin' keys. You'll get a 92 Moose T-shirt and a Dunkin' card with $2.54 left on it.