Every so often I do this or something like this, bring you the #1 song on this date from 30 years ago to today, July 25th.

We start in 1984 where Prince had the #1 spot today 30 years ago with “When Does Cry.” The unique aspect to this song, there is no bass line.

Five years later in 1989 today, the top line on the Billboard Hot 100 belonged to Milli Vanilli, and the song, “Don’t Forget My Number.” We all know the deal with Rob and Fab but it’s still a great song, even though it was done by someone else.

In 1994 the #1 was “I Swear” from All-For-One. The one liner about that hit, it was almost simultaneously a hit in country by John Michael Montgomery.

Christina Aguilera was at #1 in 1999 with “Genie in a Bottle.” The song stayed atop the Hot 100 chart for a solid month.

“Confessions Part II” from Usher was #1 on this day in 2004. Usher had a huge year as just before “Confessions Part II” went #1 Usher spent many weeks at #1 with “Yeah.”

Here is amazing run at #1. In 2009 The Black Eyed Peas stayed atop the chart with “I Gotta Feeling” from July 5-October 10th. Quick math would tell me 14 weeks or thereabouts.

Today in 2014 your #1 song is “Rude” by Magic!

Hope you enjoyed the songs and they bring back a few memories.

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