According to an article published in the Kennebec Journal, police responded to an apartment unit in Fairfield, Maine on Friday morning after reports of several shots fired.

Police say that they responded to a 911 call that came in in from 31 Main Street in Fairfield shortly after 1 am on Friday morning. Reports indicate that a man was injured after he got into some kind of physical altercation with two other men.

American Lodge, Fairfield
American Lodge, Fairfield

Responding police say that whoever it was that was responsible for firing off rounds from a gun was aiming at the apartment before fleeing the scene. The original 911 call came in from the American Lodge apartment complex in Fairfield as the caller explained to dispatchers that someone had been 'shooting into an area apartment'. The gunshots reportedly followed the physical altercation. The injured man was also reportedly 'just a visitor' at the apartment.

Emergency vehicle lighting
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Fairfield Police Department tells the Kennebec Journal that they do not believe that there is an ongoing threat to the public at this time. However, they are asking anyone who may have information about the incident, or may know who is responsible for the shots fired, to contact officials with the Fairfield Police Department by calling 207-453-9321.

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