Don't worry, you won't need to run out and get a new phone number or anything like that. However, in the coming years, any new phone numbers that you get may start with a new Maine area code. But right now, the Maine Public Utilities Commission is doing everything they can to prevent that because, let's face it, Mainers love their 207 area code.

Now even if Maine has to get a secondary area code down the road (hey, that rhymed!) you won't need to have your unique '207' tattoos removed. The 207 area code certainly isn't going away... Maine just might need a second one. But rest-assured that the Maine PUC is doing everything they can to avoid that.

But, how exactly can the Public Utilities Commission just create more available 207 combinations out of thin air?

According to WGME 13, the threat of running out of available 207 combos has been looming for years now in the State of Maine. And, what the PUC is planning to do, is free up some of those formerly used numbers that may no longer be in service.

The state of Maine has worked with Verizon on their forecasting for numbering resources, WGME says. Additionally, they have worked with Consolidated Communications in an effort to bring down area code requests that WGME says are being driven by 'rate centers'.

The Maine PUC indicated that some of the forecasting from mobile companies may have been inaccurate and shown a larger number of available 207 numbers being swallowed up over the next few years than will actually be.

Either way, though Maine may end up needing another area code to use, it looks like it will be, at this point anyway, years down the road.

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