Motherhood, am I right?

I am a 37-old-year Mother to an almost 6-year-old wonderous boy named, Bentley. As Mama's, we feel guilty, all of the time.


Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Are we doing enough? Are we doing it right?

We are being hit in every single direction, even directions that don't exist yet with how to be a better parent. Constantly being bombarded with tips from social media, celebs, books, TV, etc on the right way to "parent."

It's not easy but, I have found it is so natural. I am learning every day the type of parent I am.

We question ourselves constantly and deeply. Often wondering if what we're saying and teaching them will resonate and stay with them forever.

We worry, constantly. But when we get a chance to do something great, like go to a Stevie Nicks concert, we think to ourselves, "we deserve this."

But then when the concert creeps closer and closer and we know that we only have 2 nights with our baby boy that we co-parent, your chest becomes tight and you know immediately that this little " adult getaway" is definitely not going to happen.

You guys, I literally had a panic induced attack thinking about not being able to put my baby to bed. Not be able to cuddle together and him ask me all the dreamy night time questions he has in his beautiful brain. All this, while we stare up at the ceiling and look at the luminescent lights we have.

I can't miss that. What was I thinking? Who am I?

To me, every single moment with him is precious. I don't want to miss a thing. I am told constantly that they grow up so fast and in a blink of an eye, you're not there favorite person anymore. So I decided to give up my tickets, cook taco's for my family and snuggle all night long.

Parent's deserve nights to get away and be themselves but this time, I just couldn't.

The point is, I am learning what is important to me. I am learning more about myself and what kind of Mother I am each day. It's a beautifully terrifying life to lead as a parent and I wouldn't trade it for the world, not for any concert or celebrity.

He is my concert. He is my celebrity. He is it for me.

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