It doesn't seem real to me. We live in a time where you will be ridiculed and made to feel like trash if you support a child's right to life. I just sit here is complete awe and disbelief that anyone would disagree with measures like Georgia's HB 481. HB 481 would stop abortions after a baby's heartbeat is detected. Some on the left, think you should be able to kill babies much later than that. And so, in retaliation to the good work being done in Georgia, five democratic [female] representatives have proposed the testicular bill of rights. Among other things, it would require anyone over the age of 55 to report to officials anytime sperm was released from the testicles, criminalize vasectomies and put a 24 hour waiting period on porn. Oh, and sex without a condom would be an 'aggravated assault'.

Sure, the reps who are sponsoring this know it's a joke, they know it's not going to go anywhere, but they think this is a social justice cause worthy of neglecting other real work that needs to get done in Georgia.

Who knew fighting for the rights of unborn BABIES could make people so triggered?

Go Georgia!

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