I am always just awed at people who decide to donate the organs of a loved one. When asked by a medical professional about organ donation in the moments of most deep grief and despair, there is enough clarity to say…yes. Yes, to giving hope and time to another family.

I have known of a few families where that was the situation. I have no frame of reference of what they went through to process whatever they needed to process to say yes.  But to them I say 'thank you' and I have so much respect for you. 

For some of us, we have made the intention clear on our driver's license. I have…so, if the worst ever happens, at least I have attempted to let people know my wishes. There is the process of living donation where specific organs or tissue can be donated from a living donor…these include the kidney, lung, and liver.

If you have watched a medical TV show, you probably know that there is a whole system in place for the procurement, matching, keeping the list of needs, and which patients are most in need. It is called the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

I learned at organdonor.com over 165 million people have registered as organ donors, but only about 3 in 1,000 become donors when they die, AND there are nearly as many living donors every year as there are deceased donors.

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