Hopefully, if all goes well, you won't need to use any of these links today or tomorrow. But, if you do, you'll be ready. If you experience any kind of electrical issue, whether it be your own power goes out or you notice trees leaning on a line etc, here is what you need to know.

First of all, don't attempt to ever touch a downed line, or move a tree that is resting on a line. We shouldn't have to say that, but you know there's always that one guy.

Here is a list of some helpful links to keep you informed of the power situation during the storm.

Click here for the CMP outage map of Maine

Click here to get signed up for outage alerts

Click here to see outages by county, town and street

Click here to report a new outage

Click here to report an outage with Emera Maine

If you have an electricity emergency, call CMP @ 1-800-696-1000

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