Normally, when you hire an entertainer for a child's birthday party, you get a clown or a magician.  Or, these days, you hire a Disney princess.

Apparently, a couple from Oklahoma did not get the memo on this...

According to, they decided it would be a good idea to hire someone to impersonate Bigfoot for their daughter Blaynee Mae's 6th birthday.  The results were pretty disasterous.

Interior designer Brett McPherson and her family were spending some time in Oklahoma.  They decided to pay homage to local lore by hiring an actor dressed as bigfoot.

So, partway through the party, the bigfoot (who goes by the name Cinnamon) showed up at the party, dressed in a tutu, holding a bouquet of balloons.

The family expected the kids would be excited about the new arrival.  They were right, sorta'...

The kids FREAKED out!

Check out the video

Hopefully, the above will serve as a warning to other parents.

The good news is that the party was not completely ruined.  The parents were able to calm the kids down and Cinnamon the Bigfoot gave the kids balloons and hugs.

Still, we have a feeling that they'll go with a clown or a princess for Blaynee's 7th birthday party.

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