Back in May, I was able to write a story about a remarkable young man named Parker. At 14 years old, he owns his own business called, Techy.

His store is located at 110 Elm Plaza in Waterville.

According to their Facebook page,

We offer same-day repair services and a lifetime warranty. We offer the lowest price guaranteed and take pride in our commitment to serve our customers. From Repairs to accessories, apple products, smart home, anything techy we are here for you!

Parker, along with his father and his sister came into the 92 Moose studios for an interview this morning and I was not only blown away with his tech abilities, but also his character, strong work ethic, and supportive family.

To give you a little back story, at a young age, Parker has always been interested in how things work. As his father told me, he would take things apart all around the house and put them back together.

He attended a tech conference and a business man named Grant Cardone, founder and CEO of Cardone Enterprises, took a shine to Parker and wanted to invest in him and his future.

After a lot of hard work, crowdsourcing and networking, Parker is now the proud owner of Techy. The reason why this story is so remarkable is because of his age and the fact that he is so excited to run a business and share his knowledge with others.

My phone screen has been cracked for a few months ago and it was so bad that it started "inking". Just like in the movie, Finding Nemo when the fish started to "ink".

When Parker was here for his interview he was able to open up my entire phone and fix it on the spot.


A highlight about what he does is that it's not just focused on cellphone repair. He can do it all! He repairs, installs, and protects your devices. From smartphones to tablets, computers, smart wear, faming consoles and much more!

Matt James
Matt James

Because of Parker's determination and know-how, he is able to continue to raise in his industry. I can't wait to see what this incredible kid has to show us all next!

If you're having problems with your devices call Techy at 207-509-8009 or visit!

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