Tonight's big trick or treat event is still on at the Geiger building at 70 Mount Hope Drive in Lewiston, Maine. And originally the password was set to be something totally different. However, as a Lewiston native, and given the events of the last week, Peter just had to change it.

So, if you are in attendance tonight and want to secure your THREE king-sized candy bars, you'll need to say this year's password which is, LEWISTON STRONG.

Now how did this all begin? Well, Peter Geiger of the Farmers Almanac, tells us that it all started back in 1997 (26 years ago!) when he was on the air with local radio legends, Jon James & Renee Nelson.

They were on the air talking about the Farmers Almanac and the upcoming winter weather predictions. It just so happened that it was Halloween day and Peter just happened to mention in passing that he would have king-sized candy bars for any trick or treaters that came by. Well, the trio concocted this idea live on air that there should be a password for people to use and get extra candy- and the rest is history!

As a bit of a side-note, I think out of the last 26 years, this is truly the most important year for this annual event. Given the horrific tragedies that unfolded in Lewiston last week, people all around Maine are searching for some semblance of normalcy, and this giant candy extravaganza is just that.

So if you, like thousands of other Mainers, are looking for a sense of that normalcy, then head to Geiger and proudly shout out that coveted password tonight... because we are all LEWISTON STRONG.

Peter Geiger
Peter Geiger

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