If you have just moved to the State of Maine from elsewhere, one thing you'll quickly realize is that the diners of Maine are fiercely loyal to their favorite restaurants.  When they find a place they love, they really love it and they will do all they can to tell everyone about their favorite restaurants.  The Red Barn, State Lunch, and Cushnoc are just a few examples of this.

Another restaurant that needs to be on that list?  Asian Cafe on Bay Street in Winslow.

If you are a big fan of Asian Cafe, we've got some great news for you...  The establishment will be opening a new location in Augusta.

Based on the restaurant's Facebook page and correspondences with the mall's leasing agent, it appears that the restaurant will be opening a location in the Marketplace at Augusta.  We're being told the restaurant will open in the space previously occupied by Elevation Burger.

In business for over two decades, the Winslow location is known for serving up amazing Thai food, Chinese cuisine, and sushi.  Thai spring rolls, fresh vegetable rolls, coconut soup, miso soup, Pad Thai, drunken noodles, and more.  Plus, they've been known to cook up some amazing desserts!

Google Maps
Google Maps

So, what will the new location be like?  We're not entirely sure.  We suspect the menu will be similar to the Winslow restaurant, but not entirely the same.  We're also not entirely sure when the new location will be open.

You can follow the progress of the new location on the Asian Cafe Facebook page.  And, if you check out the menu of the Winslow location, take a look at their website.

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