According to WGME, thanks to his mother's insistence on him being prepared, a Waterville teen is alive today.

Over the weekend, 15 year old Dias Greene and his friend were walking through the woods.  When Dias attempted to climb the trunk of a dead tree, he fell through thin ice he had been standing on.

His mother, Annastacia, always insists the he brings two things when he goes into the woods or fishing: a phone and a friend.  The fact that he had both probably saved his life.

After he and his friend failed to free Dias, he managed to use his phone to call 911.

When firefighters arrive, he had fallen so far into the hole that all they could really see was his hat.  They managed to get a harness under him and pull him to safety.

Fortunately, the only injuries he got from the ordeal were a bruised rib and a couple of sprained ankles.