Productivity.  Being productive is something I struggle with and I am a ninja at finding reasons to put things off.  You might say I put the ‘pro’ in procrastination. (see what I did there?)  I know it does not serve me at all.  Yes, sometimes it is because it's something I don’t really want to do and at least that makes sense, but when it is just ‘stuff’ it really annoys me. Yes, I am 100% capable of annoying myself. (I am so talented)

So I found this list today from about very quick little hits about productivity. Some of them really hit home.  Let me share my favorites:

-The secret to productivity? Do what you avoid.

-Self-doubt doubles the time it takes to get something done.

-The more decisions you remove, the more progress you make.

-The more you do what you want, the more productive you’ll become

-The best productivity system is to do the work.

-Reading this wasn’t productive…unless you act on it.

You can check out the entire list right here.

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