Perfect. The last night of trivia before we break (at least until June) and there's a rainbow over the China Dine-ah. That, I believe, is a good sign. Actually, I don't believe in "signs" but, if I did, that would be a good one!

All the regulars were there tonight and some I didn't know. It's great to make new friends and to see old ones. These ladies, known as "the Inn Girls," had not been in this year. Not until tonight. Seeing them made my heart sing (yup, I'm a bit overly sentimental and uber-picturesque with my descriptions...but that's how I roll, baby!).

Inn Girls

Lisa Wardwell, the owner, just had new pavement put in at the Dine-ah's Grain Room Lounge so they can build a patio. It's going to be a great summer in China for locals and tourists alike.

Keep an eye on the Dine-ah's Facebook page and the sign on Lakeview Drive for details about Monday trivia, periodically, throughout the summer!