According to News Center Maine, a bird, that's originally believed to be from Asia, has now been spotted in Maine on a couple different occasions. The bird is identified as the Tufted Puffin.

This isn't only rare, it is "mind-blowingly rare" as the National Resources Council of Maine stated. The bird hails from Japan and Russia. It is said to breed 2,500 miles away.

This puffin is so cool to look at because it has golden tufts on it's head, thus the name. You can see what this rare puffin looks like right here!

So why is this fascinating little guy here? Well, it was seen first at Petit Manan and Machias Seal Island.
According to the article,
Wells said the rare bird sightings in Maine over the past six months could just be a coincidence — but he said climate change could also be a factor because stresses on a bird’s native environment can cause it to seek out new places.
Jeff Wells, Conservation Biologist 

Climate control could be the reason for this bird to travel to Maine as Jeff Wells a Conservation Biologist said. He also said that these sightings could just be a coincidence.

Who knows why this gorgeous tufted puffin is visiting us, but I am down for it!

Keep your eyes to the skies my friends!

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