The yearly balloon festival in Lewiston attracts over 100,000 people to Lewiston/Auburn each year, according to News Center Maine. This has been a huge upset for the twin cities, as we recently found out the festival has officially been cancelled this year due to a mix of financial and other issues.

The rising costs and funding shortages has made it hard to cover the expenses to ensure safety and success of this iconic event.

I have to add that many of my most beloved memories are from taking part in the balloon festival each year since I was very young. It's an invaluable event that brings our community together. We need this festival this year more than ever, especially given the recent tragedies our city has faced. In my opinion, it's vital.

According to News Center Maine, challenges with permits and coordinating vendors contributed to the decision. Canceling the festival was obviously a tough call. But this type of event at this scale is complex.

It is said that efforts are being made to try to fix these challenges, with hopes of bringing this festival back now or in the future.

Will town organizers and event planners be able to still pull this off? If not this year, will it happen next year?

What we know is that festival organizers are still working hard to make it happen. As News Center States, the event is a crazy huge economic boost for the cities, and brings in a big revenue during this time of year. If organizers can collaborate with the city and keep the Great Falls Balloon Festival on track this summer, it will mark the event’s 30th anniversary.

What do you think? Will they be able to still pull it off?

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