This is very cool and a great invention for fishermen. But, it's more than just a little creepy. It's Zombait, and it brings those dead bait fish (surveys show that game fish prefer live bait) back to life. Well, kind of.

A company in Massachusetts called Magurobotics has invented the device which (kind of) brings the fish back to life. Here's how it works: Just shove the robotic, battery operate tube down the pie-hole of a dead bait fish and, voilà, he swims again.

I wish I'd have had one of these when I had tropical fish. I could saved my kids the heartbreak of seeing their beloved pets flushed down the toilet.

According to a Kickstarter video, Rick Varian, a Maine fisherman, helped come up with the idea.

Because there are environmental issues (the rubber device is powered by a battery which could end up in lakes and ponds), it is legal in Maine fresh waters where live or dead bait is allowed.

I just got an idea for a new show: The Swimming Dead! What do you think?

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