The last year has been really rough for people who love movies, especially for those who love seeing movies on the big screen.  Of course, due to pandemic-related restrictions, many theaters were forced to close or run at a much reduced capacity.  In addition to that (because of that?), many movie studios decided to delay the release of their 2020 blockbusters.  For obvious reasons, that led to a big drop in theater income across the United States.

In October, we found out that Regal Cinemas intended to temporarily close all of their theaters.  They did  briefly reopen some locations in November, but quickly reclosed them.

Finally, we're getting some good news, though.

According to Deadline, Cineworld, which owns several theater brands, including Regal, has announced they plan to reopen their Regal Cinemas in the United States next month.

It is a phased opening that will begin on April 2nd, with the release of Godzilla Versus Kong.  They plan to have more locations open on April 16th, when the new Mortal Kombat movie is released.

Depending on where the theaters are located, and current restrictions for those locations, there is a good chance we will see many of the theaters run at a reduced capacity.

There is still no word on a specific reopening date for the Regal Cinemas locations in Augusta and Brunswick.

For the latest, check out the Regal Cinemas website.


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