If you're planning on vacationing to Acadia with the fam this summer, make sure you are aware of the changes that have been made to Cadillac specifically. Don't worry, I got you.

Let's get started.

According to News Center Maine, back in 2021, Acadia National Park implemented a new program to make trips to the top of Cadillac Mountain a lot smoother.

Let me tell you why. In order to access Cadillac Summit Road you'll have to have a vehicle reservation along with your park pass. It is going to help safeguard and sustain  the ecosystem and environment of Cadillac.

As the article states, Acadia National Park wants to make sure to keep your experience enjoyable and by implementing reservations, they'll be able to prevent overcrowding of the parking lot.

Public Affairs Specialist, Christie Anastasia remarks on the parking saying,

"We see them parked on top of vegetation, we see them parked everywhere when it gets that congested. If somebody up at the top needed medical attention, it is pretty darn difficult to get an ambulance up there."

This certainly makes sense to me.

Here's the details: The tickets are $6 and you'll be able to choose either a morning or a daytime pass as the article states.

To make a reservation, head on over to the National Park Service! 

Let's support the park service in their endeavor to keep our parks and state maintained and beautiful.

Enjoy your adventure and savor Cadillac Mountain and all that Acadia has to offer because it's an awe-inspiring experience!

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