I NEED a vacation.  Like a ‘getaway to some place fun and spend time eating and shopping and enjoying some sites’ type of vacation.  What I don’t have is a bunch of cash to take off.  HEY! Maine is ‘Vacationland’ so finding that summertime get-a-way without have to travel to far is EASY!

Where have I decided to go?  Rockland! 

Rockland used to be ‘gritty’ and it still has some of that feel as a working waterfront, but there is SO much more.  Food! Shopping! Food! Museums! Food! Lighthouse! Food! Breakwater! AND lots of yummy food choices!

I have been spending a fair amount of time driving around the through Rockland for photography work with MaineUAV. But not stopping and enjoying.  I have friends who own the LimeRock Inn in Rockland. I figured that is a good place to start for an inside scoop.

Frank Isganitis, one of the LimeRock Inn owners, was very generous in sharing his insight. In fact the LimeRock Inn even has an ‘area guide’ for guests.  I asked Frank for things that were free or had lower price point.  Here was his advice to me and a few of my own suggestions!

Shopping:  One of my favorite places has been the Grasshopper Shop.  I have loved visiting their stores for years.   Loyal Biscuit: paws down Loyal Biscuit is the best. Always great people and pet accessories and the makes of ShadowDog’s most favorite of treats.   I can hardly wait to stroll along Main Street in Rockland to discover all the other little shops I have seen on my travels through town.

Food: I have heard that Rockland has become a foodie area.  Frank suggested maybe one of the Maine Foodie Tours.  But a quick search on line found SO many choices for all budgets…I can tell you I had a great sandwich at Rockland Harbor Brewing and the onion rings were PERFECT! Let the eating begin.

Museums:  Rockland has some REAL choices. The Farnsworth Museum is a must see. How about the Maine Center for Contemporary Art and the Maine Lighthouse Museum?  Cool.

Free: My favorite word…free! Rockland has one of the THE coolest things with the breakwater and lighthouse.  You will find the breakwater and lighthouse in front of the Samoset Resort.  It is nice walk out to the lighthouse and a great view.

Spas and Fun-at-Sea: I do not have any first person experience with Rockland spas…yet.  LimeRock Inn has some suggestions.

Accommodations: Rockland has its fair share of places to stay.  I think it is any secret the LimeRock Inn would be at the top of my list. It is a bed and BREAKFAST and I love breakfast foods!

Guess I need to put in for some vacation time!  I clearly have a plan.

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