WABI TV Channel 5 had a lovely story about Meals On Wheels in Maine and the volunteers who are making sure those meals get packed and delivered. Turns out they has a still image of me packing meals at the Spectrum Generations Cohen Center. I had NO idea. Based on what I was wearing it was from a few weeks ago! You can in see that photo about about 1:10 in the story but watch the whole thing Meals on Wheels is a program worth knowing about. Now, my partner in this is Merry St. Pierre. She is an account executive at Townsquare Media Central Maine. She is one of our here team that helps businesses get their marketing message out on-air and on-line. After packing meals with me on Thursday, Merry returns to the Cohen Center in Hallowell to pick up meals to be delivered.  I love you Merry for doing that.

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