I have been reading and seeing people talk about 'Baby Foot' for MONTHS.

Have you tried it? Have you heard of this?

Baby Foot comes with two foot shaped baggies with goo inside.  You pop them on your feet for an hour and then wash it off.  Five to seven days later your feet start to shed all that rough, dead skin...leaving your tootsies all soft and nice...like a baby foot!

I got my Baby Foot at Ulta at the Marketplace@Augusta. OH ya...it is not cheap.  $25 for this treatment.

SO, I did it.

And nothing. For days. Not. A. Thing.

Just as I was wondering if it was a rip off...this happened.

Renee Nelson Baby Foot

I look at my feet as I am getting dresses and OMG...the skin is just rolling off!  I was just out of the shower so it was not so bad.  It was after they dried the skin got all flaky. I take care of my feet so it was not TOO bad, but they are still flaking.  Let me just say....wearing socks is a must or you will be flakin' where ever you go, like a snake shedding its skin.

They say not to peel it. Really?  COME ON!  It is peeling heaven!  But I resisted.

What do I think?   If you don't do anything to you feet...like running a pumice stone over the rough spots now and then...it will help get you back on track. But I would not do it as a regular treatment.   $25?  Use that money to get yourself a pumice and put the rest toward getting a real pedicure and enjoy it.