When it was first announced years ago there was a hydroponic grower coming to Madison, I wanted to see it! Really, how cool on so many levels. High-tech meets good ol’fashioned farming.  It has taken since 2007 to make this dream come true! I was lucky enough to get quick peek into Backyard Farms! What an AMAZING place. 

It was fun just getting to ‘the farm’. To get there you travel through farm lands in Madison until you see this ultra-modern facility. OH and the place is HUGE. I mean the green houses total 42 acres, yes 42 acres. Huge! Plus they package the tomatoes on site and all the space they need for all their other business operations. Huge!

Backyard Farms captures and uses all of the rain and snow that lands on their acres and acres of roof space. That water is treated and they use it to water the tomatoes. Backyard Farms also has armies of bee’s that help all that natural growing process happen. But to me the best part was just the air. With all that growing going on the air was just so 'energized'!

You can see for yourself. Backyard Farms has some great videos about the farm and what to do with those beautiful tomatoes.

Watch the growing process in less that 60 seconds!

More about those bees and insects!

Great overview of the whole process!