A few days ago while getting some take-out food I was surprised to see on my receipt a 5% COVID-19 surcharge listed with it's own line item. That is on top of the restaurant tax and tip that I left.

I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it but it did bother me enough to reach out to the manager to ask about it. I was told that "they needed to add that cost to cover the expenses they have had to pay for improvements to meet the governors guidelines for being open, and also the rising cost of food, specifically the cost of beef."

I go out of my way to support local businesses so I certainly understood where they were coming from, and I certainly don't object to helping them stay afloat. It did get me to thinking...I wonder how many other businesses are also pushing forward the extra expenses associated with upgrades or simply cost of business on to the customers.

Apparently it is happening across the country, some are even making a point to tell you about it ahead of time on social media.

I asked another friend of mine who owns a restaurant and is planning on reopening on June 1st if he is planning on adding a surcharge to his bills to offset any new costs he  has incurred?  His response is that he is simply going to raise prices instead of adding a line item surcharge, even though it is for the same reasons.

Personally, I'd rather not see it. Having to look at it as a line item on the bill just upsets me to 'everything' coronavirus. I want to move on, move past it and having it staring me in the face every time I get a receipt is just a psychological punch to gut.

How do you feel about it?

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