We put a lot of love into objects that we hold dear, don't we? I have a thimble that my dad gave me a long time ago and because of the memories that the item holds I have always kept it.

We all have become pretty attached to certain items, because of the story they tell about our lives.

This is the case for Bruce Livingston of Hallowell. He is almost 78 years old and yearns for only one thing. Bruce was a part of the Army Reserve and was given a duffel bag in 1968 while he was in basic training in Missouri at Fort Leonard, according to Central Maine. 

He wants to be reunited with this special duffel bag but understands that this may be a lost cause. However, his plea will be heard loud and far, because he has to try.

Now, this bag was issued to him more than 50 years ago, but I believe everything is possible. So, I would also like to help spread the word because maybe, just maybe he can be reunited with this bag again.

According to the article, Bruce believes that the duffel bag could be somewhere in Auburn because he was stationed at the  619th Armory  in Auburn in 1969.

He believes during his time in Auburn is when he lost his bag.

The description is one of which you have probably seen many times in war films. The Army issued duffel bag is canvas, Army green, round and has Bruce's military identification number printed on it. It is also about 3 feet in diameter, as the article says.

Now, let's get to the nitty gritty and ask the question. Why does he want this bag so badly? In the article is states,

Just for nostalgia.

But I believe there may be more to that. I think this bag brings him memories that he keeps close to his chest and that is perfectly fine.

Livingston said he has thought for years about reclaiming his original Army duffel bag, wondering if it is still out there.

Central Maine

Bruce is even offering a reward if someone finds and returns it. $50 to anyone who finds his nostalgic duffel bag in their attic, basement, or garage.


He has a feeling that the bag is in Auburn. So, if you've collected Army items and this is somewhere in your stuff , bring it forward and make this man happy!

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