Oh come all ye faithful to the Bell, gather round because I have a hard scoop on juicy news. You're favorite Lisbon street bar is outta here, here being Lewiston.

Cowbell Bar Grill & Tap on 49 Lisbon Street in Lewiston announced recently that they were leaving their current location.

They posted the following,

"To our Lewiston community: This post is going to be a little long, and was not easy to write.
We have made the difficult decision to merge/relocate our Lewiston operation with our new Rock Row location in Westbrook."
According to their post, their last day will be March 12. Even though they're leaving their Lewiston location, they are still going to be operating out of Westbrook.
Cowbell states they are "merging", however, some Mainers disagree with the wording. Merging would have 2 or more locations but they are completely leaving Lewiston.
The Westbrook location is about 35 minutes from Lewiston. I think it's definitely worth the drive because Cowbell has that vibe that I know I will really miss.
The comments on the announcement were very sad to see this bar/restaurant leave Lisbon street. Honestly, it surprised the heck out of me when I read their announcement.
My favorite memory at Cowbell is the list of drinks they offered. The ambiance was like a low-key, smooth, chill bar with low lights and a great layout. The drinks were top-shelf and classy as hell. We ordered a Basil Hayden Bourbon on the rocks and it was smooth.
Lewiston will miss this bar and hope that they continue to have success in Westbrook. To read the full announcement post or more information on Cowbell itself, visit their Facebook page. 

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