Be wary of any emails that supposedly come from Netflix, it could be part of a new phishing scam.

According to Fortune Magazine, subscribers to the service have been getting emails claiming their billing information cannot be verified and, unless it is resolved before the next billing cycle, their account will be closed.  Within the email is a link that, according to the email, will allow the users to update their account information.  The link DOES NOT take you to a Netflix site.  Instead, it takes you to the scammers' site.

The email looks like this:


If you get an email like this, do not click on the link!  If you think it might be valid, call Netflix customer service @ 1.866.579.7172

So far, 110 million subscribers have received the phishing emails.  No word on how many have fallen for the scam.

One of the easiest ways to determine if any email is a scam is by looking at the web address.  In most (if not all) cases, the links will not take you to a legit .com address.  Instead, they'll take you to a site address that is mostly gibberish.


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