According to a survey of more than 1200 people in Salt Lake City- yes. More than 70% of people surveyed indicated that the woman SHOULD, whether obligated by law or not, take her husband's last name. The number one reason that was given for the yes answer was "the belief that women should prioritize their marriage and their family ahead of themselves".

Here are some of the interesting responses Professor Emily Fitzgibbons of Portland State University got in her study.

"Among women and highly educated men, women's surname choice seems to have little effect on their perceptions of women as a wife or the standards to which she is held in marriage." Low-educated men, however, thought a woman who chose a different last name from her husband's was less committed to the marriage and that her husband would be more justified in filing for a divorce "for her perceived neglect of the marriage (as measured through repeated lateness)," Fitzgibbons Shafer writes in her study.

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