Because Americans aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, they have somehow managed to confuse a virus that is primarily respiratory with a need for purchasing copious amounts of toilet paper. What the heck, dude?

Well, according to the Kennebec Journal, Americans are at it again with the panic buying. Following the recent nationwide surge in COVID cases across the country in the last few weeks, some of the nation's largest retailers are having trouble keeping certain items in stock and on shelves. This has forced many stored into putting quantity limits on items like toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes and other home good essentials.

Walmart said that it is having a difficult time remaining in stock on things like toilet paper and household cleaning supplies while other stores like Publix and Kroger reported similar issues. Even the nation's largest online retailer Wish (just kidding, it's Amazon), is selling out of its supply of paper towels.

My big question here is why? How come we're not having a massive food shortage? I mean, if people are all worried about being forced into our homes to hibernate and never come out for the winter season, wouldn't you think they would rather hoard food?All that toilet paper is great and all, but you won't be pooping if you're not eating. So maybe next time you're at the Hannies you should consider grabbing some Ramen and a jar of peanut butter.

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