Renee and How Not to Die

One of my favorite books is “How Not To Die” by Dr. Micheal Greger.  It is a book about food and its role in preventing and reversing disease.

I have the book in print and audio format.  The first half the book is about 'how not to die from" ...and then he has 15 different things…including chapter 5…"How Not To Die From Infections’. 

It seems like a good time to reread this one.

Some of what Dr. Greger covered in this chapter is stuff we are getting good at doing. Here are my very basic takeaways from this chapter.

  1. Good hygiene like sneezing into your elbow, using hand sanitizer and washing your hands. 
  2. Eat your fruits AND veggies. Some of the suggestions from Dr. Greger included kale, broccoli, and blueberries.  He even indicated that a cardamon with those blueberries will up their potency. 
  3. Gut health.  Much of our immune system is in our gut. You don’t necessarily need special pills to help with this because fresh produce is both a pre and probiotic for your intestines.
  4. Exercise increases immune cells in your blood AND helps to prevent the age-related decline in the immune system as we age.

I would say add in a little social distancing for good measure. Bottom line from this on the subject of immunity…eating your fruits AND veggies and paying attention to just keeping things clean and getting some exercise will help boost your immunity against airborne and food-borne illnesses.

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