Okay, so I'm at Staples the other day minding my own business...looking at routers and mailing labels and the like. Suddenly, I see a display of cordless mice. They were medium size. Not large. Not tiny. Just right.

I told myself, "Jonathan James...you really need one of these for your office." I knew I was serious because I called myself Jonathan.

Anyway, I was shocked by the $19.99 price for such a perfect looking, colorful, mouse. They had other colors but the one I chose suited my color taste just fine. I figured, at worst, I'd waste $19.99 plus tax when the mouse worked poorly or stopped working altogether. No biggie.

Well! I got home, plugged it in, fired up the computer and, voilà! We had mousage going on right on my screen. "Wicked," I thought. "This might be a good piece of hardware for you, Jonathan." Again, I could tell I was serious...not just bustin' my own chops.

Now, two weeks into my new Logitech mouse, I absolutely love it! It feels great in my hand, works as good or better than any corded mouse I've ever owned and it's reasonably priced. I give it five thumbs up!! Or five stars. Whatever.

Now, the only thing that really sucks is, upon writing this article and researching the current price, I see that Staples has now HALVED THE PRICE! Wonderful. Now YOU'RE going to get a better deal than I did. Isn't that just great. Good for you. Well merry Christmas to you and I hope you enjoy the brand new $9.99 Logitech mouse that yours truly recommended!

There, that was easy®

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