The last 9 or 10 months have been hard. We all had our own stress and issues before all of this started and then mid-March arrived and *BOOM* pandemic and all its related issues. How that has been for each of us is so different because we all different; how we handle stress, what the issue is related too and our traditional coping methods.

To help Mainers the Maine Department of Health and Human Services started this in the fall and it has the hope and goal of helping us cope with the pandemic and the stress surrounding that issue.  It is called StrengthenME.

First of all, even recognizing the more subtle signs of stress and responding to that is a big deal in coping. The website has easy to navigate free resources for help online, videos, and when you need a real person to help you out…on the phone. This is for all ages and I would encourage you to check this out if not for yourself, so you are armed with the knowledge of this site and its resources so you can help someone else by sharing this info.

One of the resources listed made me smile…and it is called ‘getting outside'. It is so true and so powerful; the act of getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine is healing. As Mainers, we are so very lucky to have so much outside to enjoy even in the winter months. I know it was my saving grace this year. ShadowDog and I spend a lot of time walking or just out and about in nature. The StrengthenME website and Facebook page also has information on other areas you could explore beyond your own area.

It sounds so cheesy but we are all in this together! Let's take care of one another.

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