July is here and time to file and pay up if you owe! I am taking about your 2019 taxes. The whole filing your taxes, paying your taxes thing was put on hold because of the coronavirus situation.

COVID-19 has taken alot from us but the tax time fun is not one of those things!

If you have not filed you need to get this back on your radar. July is here and this is just a friendly little reminder for you to find that pile of paper you need and get to work. Our federal taxes are due for July 15th. It was extended this year due to CV-19 according to IRS.gov. After the federal government made that decision the state of Maine followed suit and extended things as well so, yes, Maine taxes and forms are also due July 15th.

I did mine in early April. I could have put it off until now but, let's face it, I had the time. It was mid April and not much was happening and it was something to do. Of those who did file earlier in this cycle, I have heard that a lot of people have been waiting for a LONG time to get their tax return money but let me tell you...I did owe them money and they were able to process that rather quickly.  Very efficient in that way.

I was watching a news report somewhere that on average we spend about 12 hours on our taxes. I hate doing my taxes. I also hate paying for help in doing my taxes. I just wonder why it can't be easier that this. I have been hearing about tax reform for my entire working life to make this process easier for us, the dancing peasants, but....as far as I can tell, we are still waiting.

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